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The Ultimate Beer, Wine & Food Destination


Goodbye San FranCisco!

It has been an absolute honor to serve you! 

We are closing our doors on Tuesday, July 3rd.

It's your last chance to get favorites like the brussels sprouts, Dirty Burger and those truffle fries! 

Thank you so much for your patronage & support these past 3 years!


So, why "Dirty Water"?

Dirty Water stems from a deep appreciation for every aspect of the food and beverage industry. From the small farms where we source our meats and produce, to the independent distillers who make our spirits; our deepest desire is to share what we love most. 

We’re doing things our own way here. Over a hundred hand-selected wines by the glass or bottle, fifty-two beers on a short-line tap, dozens of small batch spirits, and a menu that boasts of the bounty of Northern California combined with big game meats from Texas.

So, why Dirty Water? An expression that dates back to pre-prohibition era whiskey & bourbon; of which we have many. 



(415) 792-5101



1355 Market St., Suite 180
Ground Floor of the Twitter Building
San Francisco, CA 94103



Tu-Sa 11am-12am
Mo & Su 11am-10pm